How can I apply for the Sports Media Certificate program?

We take applications every fall and spring semester for the gateway course into the program, SPTM 3850: Introduction to Sports Reporting and Writing, which is offered every spring semester. The spring 2024 application period is closed. The next application period will be September 2024.  Late applications will not be considered. Please note that the application will require you to submit a media work sample — such as a journalistic story you’ve written, a broadcast or podcast you’ve produced, journalistic photos you’ve taken, social media you’ve created with journalistic content, etc.

What kinds of qualifications do students accepted into the program have?

Successful applicants have more than just a keen interest in sports. They have demonstrated a passion for and curiosity about sports journalism and/or sports communications. They have taken advantage of media opportunities at the high school and/or college levels to gain real-world experience. Acceptance is not based on GPA.

Do I have to be a Journalism major to be in the Sports Media Certificate program?

No. Every UGA undergraduate is eligible.

Do I have to wait until I am a junior to apply?

No. You can apply as a freshman, sophomore or junior. First-semester freshman should wait to apply in their second UGA semester.

If I was declined for acceptance into the program the previous year, can I apply again?

Yes. We encourage you to do so.

Will I have enough time to complete the Sports Media Certificate program before I graduate?

If you have at least three semesters left at UGA — including two spring semesters — you likely have enough time. Please check the Coursework FAQ for more specifics. Keep in mind the program requires six three-hour courses to complete. You can find more specifics about the courses on the Course Descriptions page.

Are there any sports media classes I can take before I’m in the program?

Yes. SPTM 3800: Sports, Media and Society is open to every UGA undergraduate. It is offered every fall semester and has no prerequisites. You can take this class before you are accepted into the Sports Media Certificate program, and it will count toward the program requirements after you are accepted.

Whom can I contact if I have more questions?

Prof. Carlo Finlay, at, can give you more details about our program.